1. Good Lad

    1. Mount Olympus (Prod. by Randall Naadir)
    2. Good Lad (Prod. by Felix Von Cito)
    3. Somethin’ (Prod. by Plex)
    4. Hercules (Prod. by Felix Von Cito)
    5. Handle Bars (Prod. by Blackmuzik)
    6. Bodies (Prod. by Khalil Who)
    7. Stretch (Prod. by Blackmuzik)
    8. Vitamin Water (Prod. by L7one)
    9. Doughboy/The $ ft. Brotha IB (Prod. by Plex and Danny!)
    10. Ocean ft. Ace Da Vinci (Prod. by Felix Von Cito)
    11. Home (Prod. by Khalil Who)
    12. Backyard ft. Felix Von Cito, Olde English (Prod. by Felix Von Cito)
    13. Laid Back (Prod. by Black Muzik)
    14. To The Top ft. AJ (Prod. by AJ)

    First single Vitamin Water.

    Second single coming soon. 

    Release date: TBA

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